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Animal Assisted Therapy. Pigs Hero

Animal Assisted Therapy. Casper and Clyde

Eco Psychotherapy

So much psychotherapy takes place within the confines of a consulting room. But what happens when therapy takes place in a natural setting - or when the other-than-human-world is invited into the narrative of self and other? Using a very pretty countryside setting I can bring together the practices of ecology and psychotherapy to illustrate the principle that, by seeing ourselves as part of the biosphere rather than above or beyond it, we can begin to return to a relationship with the natural conditions that once provided us with the core of our psychological, spiritual and cultural sustenance

There is growing research that shows that interaction with animals can be good for us both physically and emotionally. From care homes, to hospitals, more and more organisations are bringing animals into their environment for the positive effect they can have on the people there.

Personally, I have always had a great fondness for animals and have seen how they can relax, reassure and create a feeling of happiness for those interacting with them.

I have become increasingly interested in the benefits we can gain from interacting with animals, which is why I decided to include this approach as a method within my counselling practice.

I have the option of using many different types of therapy animals in my work as well as the opportunity to take therapy outside into the environment.

If this is something you feel you would like to explore, please feel free to make enquiries about this innovative approach.

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